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Shifting from a Windows to Unix-Centric Coding Mentality   Leave a comment

I found the following post by Phil on Apple.StackExchange intriguing. Phil is struggling with moving his development environment from Windows to OS X:

I’m having trouble finding a coding environment that is comfortable and I’m hoping anyone has had the same problem. On my windows box at the office I’ve found my ideal coding environment that I really dig. VS2010 or Eclipse, Notepad++, WinScp, Fireftp is often everything I need.

On my macbook pro however, I’ve not yet found that environment that just says “click”.

It struck a chord with me in that I went through a very similar experience when I first started working on my Mac. Here’s an excerpt from my answer, you can read the full text by clicking through:

I was in a huge programming rut before I started using my mac, but I’m finding that being forced to look at my process and tools in a different way is really bringing out talents and interests I didn’t know I had before. I’m coding in python and c++ rather than javascript and c#, in one of the oldest editors in existence, and I’m loving it.


Multi-Platform vimrc Using Dropbox   2 comments

I’ve been using vim in place of notepad++ and fraise with greater frequency lately. It’s quite a hassle to maintain vim settings on two different platforms in a consistent enough way that the settings are identical. Yesterday I decided to fix that.

I run a local subversion server at home for versioning my free-time projects and other documents. I store my working copies of the repository in a folder inside my Dropbox. What I decided to do was run a WinMerge diff/merge with my OS X .vimrc and my Windows _vimrc files. Everything that was common to both files, I merged right, then saved to a new text file called ‘vimrc_common’. So afterwards, I was left with 3 relatively similar files, .vimrc, _vimrc, and vimrc_common.

After checking in the changes, it was a simple task to remove the script that was now in common from the two original files, leaving only the platform specific stuff. I added a line to each of the original files that sources the common file at its path on the respective OS, and voila, no more vimrc duplication!


Posted December 9, 2010 by Rob Ciaccio in Software, Vim

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