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Shifting from a Windows to Unix-Centric Coding Mentality   Leave a comment

I found the following post by Phil on Apple.StackExchange intriguing. Phil is struggling with moving his development environment from Windows to OS X:

I’m having trouble finding a coding environment that is comfortable and I’m hoping anyone has had the same problem. On my windows box at the office I’ve found my ideal coding environment that I really dig. VS2010 or Eclipse, Notepad++, WinScp, Fireftp is often everything I need.

On my macbook pro however, I’ve not yet found that environment that just says “click”.

It struck a chord with me in that I went through a very similar experience when I first started working on my Mac. Here’s an excerpt from my answer, you can read the full text by clicking through:

I was in a huge programming rut before I started using my mac, but I’m finding that being forced to look at my process and tools in a different way is really bringing out talents and interests I didn’t know I had before. I’m coding in python and c++ rather than javascript and c#, in one of the oldest editors in existence, and I’m loving it.