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A couple months ago I was introduced to my mother’s new MacBook Pro. I was so impressed with the interface and the aesthetic appeal of the OS that I decided I HAD to have a Mac. I started looking around for used MacBook Pros on craigslist, and lucked out with an old Intel Core Duo 2.0GHz w/2GB RAM and a 320GB HD for 500 bucks.

Since that computer has basically been taken over by my wife for her photoshopping and blogging hobby, I was forced to look at some other options to get my OS X fix. I started investigating what it would take to get a hackintosh setup running on the desktop I’ve been rebuilding. Apparently I didn’t really comprehend the magnitude of the task I was about to undertake… nor did I realize how much fun it would be to hack into a system I have almost zero knowledge about.

This is my first post in a series where I will attempt to share some of the knowledge I have gained while working on this project.  If nothing else, these posts can serve to document my successes and failures (mostly failures) so that I can reproduce the stuff that worked later on.  Hopefully someone else can glean some useful information from these posts and save themselves from serious frustration.


Posted May 15, 2010 by Rob Ciaccio in Hackintosh

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